Advantages of Staying at
a B&B during COVID-19

Looking to get away this weekend? Consider staying at a bed and breakfast. Learn about the advantages of staying at a B&B during COVID-19.

1. B&Bs are less crowded

Compared to hotels and RV parks, B&Bs are typically less crowded. You get your own private room in a spacious home without having to worry about other people being nearby. Inns like the Inn at Ocean Avenue and Captain Grant's have large rooms with comfortable beds as well.

2. Cleaners have more time to clean your room before you arrive

Because of COVID-19, B&Bs across Connecticut have implemented later check-ins for guests, allowing their cleaners or your hosts more time to clean your room.

If you're still unsure on the cleanliness of your room, many B&Bs offer cleaning products like sanitizer as an additional safety measure. You can use these to disinfect your hands and the room you're staying in throughout your stay.

In fact, a 2020 study published by the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health suggested hospitality businesses provide cleaning products or sanitizing products to make your stay better.

3. You'll be supporting a local business

Small businesses were hit hard this year because of the pandemic. So by staying at a small, local business, you'll be supporting other people's livelihoods and strengthening the community.

Additionally, you'll get personalized customer service because your hosts care about their customers. You don't get a home cooked meal when staying at a hotel or campground. For example, you can look at the Google Reviews or on TripAdvisor for the House of 1833 and Old Lyme Inn to see the warm welcome guests received during their stay.

4. You can take a break from working remotely

A trend that started recently is taking a "staycation:" a getaway that doesn't take you far away from your home, allowing you to get the break you need without breaking the bank. Because there are plenty of B&Bs near you that are right by fun attractions, you can shut down your computer and reinvigorate yourself without having to spend thousands of dollars on a vacation.

Enjoy a change of scenery in both where you sleep and where you have fun by staying at a local inn. If you decide you still want to work while on your staycation, B&Bs like Harbour Inne and Cottage and Brigadoon B&B offer free Wi-Fi and other modern amenities to keep you connected to your coworkers. 

5. Local attractions are easily accessible

Previously touched upon, B&Bs provide you with easy access to the area's best attractions.

Usually when people think of attractions, they think of amusement parks like Disneyworld or large cities with a thousand different things to do. However, not every attraction has to be flashy or extravagant.

When picking a bed and breakfast to stay at, try and pick one that's close to an attraction that speaks out to you.

If you love the outdoors, find a place that's near a state park or surrounded by nature. Heavitree B&B provides an experience similar to this. If you love water and want to visit a city by the Atlantic Ocean, then visit a place like the Mermaid Inn of Mystic. Stay in an area that appeals the most to you. 

Areas are opening up again

As more and more people are getting the vaccine, areas are starting to open up again. The advantages of staying at a B&B during COVID-19 are:

  • Inns are less crowded
  • Cleaners have more time to clean your rooms before check-in
  • You can support a local business
  • You can take the break you need from work or school
  • B&Bs give you access to local attractions you may have never visited before

All this being said, if you don't feel safe or comfortable travelling, then find a way to take a break in a way that works best for you. Check with the CDC and your local government's precautions put in place to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19.